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Crickets are the New Superfood

Trends in food are incredibly common, from matcha tea to quinoa, and now crickets. They all have one aspect in common. Individuals are taking responsibility for their health and well-being and breaking down mental barriers. We are trying what may seem new at first but has already been part of a different culture for many generations.

We hope to help you on your journey to making crickets a staple of your diet, whether you are an athlete trying to eat healthier and protein-rich food, an environmental activist concerned with eating ecologically-friendly with a minimal carbon footprint, or merely a chef wishing to incorporate new flavours in your recipes. We make this for you because at EntoGourmet we are at our heart; healthy-living, ecological, and culinary experts.

Why crickets?

Social Progress through Food

Despite what it may seem like in the news, humans are incredibly proficient in adapting to their circumstances. We can consciously make those decisions that on first instinct don’t seem obvious. What is now becoming clear to us it that being mindful of the world we live in, and adapting to our changing environment is what is going to keep us living comfortably, knowing that future generations can count on us to carry the torch of green living.

From Sushi to Oysters, a considerable part of the progress we make socially is through the foods we eat. Moreover, to the detriment of our environment, the foods we eat regularly are beef, chicken, and pork. Crickets are today’s solution to the problems of tomorrow, as part of a healthy-living lifestyle designed for the individual in the 21st century.



Our best-selling products

Entogourmet concentrates on 100% pure and natural Acheta domesticus cricket products. All products are EU certified, and come in 1kg, 5kg or custom packages

  • Cricket Powder
    Cricket Powder

    Pasteurized and roasted with our specialized technlogy, then gently milled into a fine powder.

  • Whole Dried Crickets
    Whole Dried Crickets

    The same crickets you come to expect, dried whole so you can process it the way that fits your requirements.

  • Fresh Frozen Crickets
    Fresh Frozen Crickets

    Our most unprocessed version of the crickets, and the next best alternative to live crickets

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Cricket Power

Crickets infuse all the properties of food perfect for sports nutrition, super athletes, and everyday fitness fans. With a high concentration of protein, a plentiful number of vitamins & minerals, and all nine essential amino acids to keep your body in top shape, cricket power will help you reach peak fitness.


Versatile Food

Entogourmet crickets are farm raised in a city over 5,500 years old; Lorca located in southeastern Spain. This means full traceability under the food and health standards set out by the European Union. For our partners, it also means none of the devastating ecological impacts, additional costs, and time delays of international shipping.

Cricket powder is easy to incorporate into your products, creating a protein-rich and ecologically sustainable snack, smoothie, pasta, muffin, and the list goes on. The potential impact of using crickets within your products is limitless, fit for a nearly endless list of foods.

Dried crickets, however, can be soaked in water for a soft consistency, ground into a dry additive or used whole. They are pleasantly crunchy with an earthy, clean taste that isn’t overpowering.

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Farm grown in southeastern Spain

Wholesale Purchasing

Order crickets with ease in our webshop or by filling out our order form. As one of the largest and most reliable producers of crickets in Europe, our product is consistent in quality, and we are capable of handling large order sizes with ease.